Rustic Bathroom Ideas
Are you looking for a new look in your bathroom? Choosing a new décor theme can be just what you need to dress up your bathroom. A trendy way to do so is with rustic décor. Often, these items are budget-friendly and can give any area of your home just the charm you’re looking for.
Incorporating natural elements and old, vintage items are a few ways you can get the look in your bathroom. Here are a few rustic bathroom ideas you can use.
Rustic Bathroom Décor Ideas
When you think of rustic décor, you may think farmhouse style as well. But the truth is, while they can work together, they are a little different.
“I believe rustic décor consists of natural and weathered materials,” Emily Hoefler, kitchen and bath specialist at Renovations Group Inc., said. “When I think of rustic, the first thing that pops in my head is knotty wood. I also think barn wood, metal whitewash, and patina.”
Incorporating these materials might be tricky in some bathrooms, but it can be done. Hoefler warns that you must have water-resistant materials if decorating with a rustic style.
“One recommendation I have for rustic décor is making sure what you’re using will hold up to water and the products typically found in the bathroom,” she said. “A lot of rustic décor can be unsealed which doesn’t mix well with water and can end up causing damage. The other thing to watch out for: if using refurbished materials, be cautious of lead paint and other hazardous materials.”
Here are a few areas you can focus on to create the rustic bathroom of your dreams:
• Bathroom Lighting
• Metal Bathroom Accents
• Bathroom Features
• Bathroom Flooring
• Bathroom Wall Decor